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CBD Mental Health and Other Benefits

Updated: May 19, 2021

CBD oil is a product that comes from the cannabis plant. CBD is a type of cannabinoid; the chemicals present in marijuana plants. Although CBD is derived from marijuana plants, it doesn’t generate a “high” effect or intoxication — that’s produced by a cannabinoid, called THC.

CBD is an exciting option for people searching for relief from chronic pain and other health concerns without the mind-altering effects of marijuana. Additionally, CBD oil is generated by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant.

There is growing know-how and studies about the potential health benefits of CBD. Here’s what you should know about CBD mental health and other wellness benefits:

1. Relief for Anxiety and Depression

CBD is considered to have long-lasting effects on two common mental health issues – anxiety as well as depression. According to the World Health Organization depression is one of the most common types of disabilities all over the world.

Whereas anxiety and depression can be treated with pharmaceuticals (which can have many side effects), CBD has been a natural alternative. Side effects of pharmaceuticals can include agitation, irritation, insomnia, and lethargy. These side effects are generally not present in patients who use CBD for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

CBD as a natural alternative remedy can be available to consumers with or without flavors. For example, you can buy CBD gummies in mango and other flavors at CBD'Luxe Naturals.

2. Anti-Seizure

CBD is now approved to deal with seizures triggered by epilepsy and is approved by the FDA to deal with seizures produced by the hereditary disorder known as tuberous sclerosis complex. To do so, CBD interacts with receptors present in the endocannabinoid system. Some initial studies have discovered that CBD can be a beneficial treatment for some additional types of epilepsy as well.

If you are suffering from seizures, it’s essential to contact your healthcare provider before using any cannabis products.

3. Neuroprotective

Scientists are looking at a receptor positioned in the brain to know the ways that CBD might help persons suffering from neurodegenerative disorders, which are maladies that cause the deterioration of the brain and nerves. This receptor is called CB1.

Scientists are also studying CBD usage for treating:

· Alzheimer’s disease

· MS or multiple sclerosis

· Parkinson’s disease

· Stroke

Moreover, CBD oil can also decrease the inflammation that can cause severe neurodegenerative symptoms.

4. Pain Relief

CBD can act on the brain’s receptors to help you control pain. Scientists have exposed that cannabis can provide some benefits once used after chemotherapy treatments. Additional pre-clinical studies funded by the National Institutes of Health are also researching the role of cannabis in reducing symptoms produced by:

· Arthritis

· Injuries of spinal cord

· Chronic pain

· Multiple sclerosis pain

· Muscle pain

Nabiximols, a multiple sclerosis medicine made using the combination of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as well as CBD, is verified to treat pain caused by multiple sclerosis. But, scientists think that CBD in the drug can be contributing more because of its anti-inflammatory features acting against the pain.


CBD oil has its role in reducing symptoms of several common mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and other health issues such as seizures, and chronic pain. For people with cancer, it can even give a natural substitute for pain relief.

Scientists are continuing to learn more about the effectiveness and safety of CBD. Outcomes from current studies recommend that CBD provides a safe, influential natural treatment for numerous health problems.

If you want to use CBD, you can buy many quality CBD products online from CBD'Luxe Naturals.

Do some research, and contact your doctor before including CBD in your regular regimen.

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